Parents to Improve School Transportation: VOTE YES! SCHOOL BUS BILL OF RIGHTS


Will there be a school bus strike Nov. 1?

Saturday, October 29, 2016 4:07:00 PM

Parents can still influence the company

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Update: Teamsters L. 553 tells us that since the strike vote, Jofaz/ Y&M management now wants to negotiate again on Monday 10/31. PIST had asked parents to call the co., but apparently they just hang up on callers. Instead we can express ourselves to the media. Please inbox if your family has a Jofaz/Y&M route and favors higher standards on these buses-including raising matron wages past $10/hr. If we let busing be a low wage industry, we can only expect unhappy & untrained crews due to turnover. #Time2Upgrade #AvoidAnotherStrike

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