What we know about the car service program

Thursday, November 04, 2021 10:25:00 PM

Currently known as LimoSys

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On the 3rd day of school OPT proposed patchwork measures -- like car service (untrained, unsupervised) -- to stand in for what we need: Real busing on fully staffed routes of reasonable length.

We share the information below because many families have no bus and cannot pay for travel out of pocket, but WE DO NOT ENDORSE a non-union private car service run by a software contractor as a fair solution to systemic AVOIDABLE problems.

Be warned:

There needs to be an adult who has time to ride with the student both ways.

Further, some parents have reported (a) problems requesting car to a typical Queens address that contains a dash (-), and (b) services being ended after one week with no renewal, despite continued lack of a bus.


OPT says "LimoSys" is available at no cost to the family in the following cases:

 -student is on a route that has not been picked up by a vendor [code word for suffering due to the driver shortage!]

  -student's OPT code or address was wrong and is waiting for busing to begin

  -student experienced a substantial delay or no-show [code word for suffering due to the driver shortage!]


LimoSys requires a DOE staff person to "enter the request" for authorization codes to use this service for free.


If child is listed at the school as a Student in Temporary Housing, ask the DOE Family Assistant at the shelter or the STH Regional Manager/ see https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14JQH00iEndvbX2m2DIJwqXUQD-zryS_y5HKFBy0bdg4/edit#gid=1259174505  third tab for list of RMs by family residence site. 

Advocates for Children Education Helpline at (866) 427-6033 will support cases where this does not go smoothly. 


For public school student who has an IEP but is not in District 75 nor in temporary housing, ask whoever handles busing at the school to contact their school's Borough/Citywide Office staff listed here https://infohub.nyced.org/in-our-schools/operations/transportation-resources-for-schools


For child in a District 75 school, have school contact D75 administrative staff



For child in Non Public School, have someone contact their Transportation Support Specialist at OPT

Reminder Eric Weinbaum oversees transportation for non-public schools: eweinba@schools.nyc.gov



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