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Posted by Sara Wednesday, June 22, 2022 8:36:00 PM

Courtesy of Advocates for Children of New York

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  1. OPT Exceptions Request: As explained in AFC webinar slides/video [below] this should be filled out to request busing for students in temporary housing who are:

    1. temporarily doubled up grades pre-k-6, OR

    2. living in a DV or HPD shelter (i.e. not a DHS shelter) pre-k-6, OR

    3. living in DHS shelter in pre-k, OR

    4. recently moved from temporarily housing into permanent housing grades preK-6.

Link https://www.schools.nyc.gov/school-life/transportation/bus-eligibility/exceptions-to-transportation-eligibility/#ExceptionRequestForm


  1. Advocates For Children Oct 28, 2021 webinar resources 

{WEBINAR} Busing 101: Troubleshooting NYC School Transportation Issues


46 minute video in English  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFpxY10dBNM

Temporary housing rights begin at Minute 19

Spanish video or subtitles may arrive at same link 


35 slides -  links to many important forms are found within certain slides https://www.advocatesforchildren.org/sites/default/files/on_page/busing_101_webinar_slides_10.2021.pdf?pt=1 


  1.  Students in Temporary Housing Tip Sheet in English and Spanish, which has some transportation information. Dated February 2022 


  1. Students in Temporary Housing (STH) Regional Managers: https://www.schools.nyc.gov/school-life/special-situations/students-in-temporary-housing. They can help with any STH-related issue (enrollment, transportation, support services, etc.). They also supervise the shelter-based STH Family Assistants.


  1. Shelter-Based STH Family Assistants: https://bit.ly/STHStaff. All shelters should be assigned a full or part-time DOE STH Family Assistant. The names and emails for the family assistants can be found here:  https://bit.ly/STHStaff


  1. School-Based STH Staff: https://bit.ly/STHStaff. Roughly 150 schools have dedicated staff to support students. These schools have a Bridging the Gap Social Worker, a STH Community Coordinator, or in some cases both. Bridging the Gap SWs and STH Community Coordinators can help with MetroCards and busing.


  1. MetroCards for parents in temporary housing: free MetroCards are available for parents to accompany their children in preschool-6th grade on public transportation. Weekly or 2-ride MetroCards are available from shelter-based STH Family Assistants. Monthly MetroCards are available from school staff. If schools need to order more parent MetroCards they should email:

    1. For schools that use ATS, requests for additional MetroCards should be emailed to publicschoolmetrocards@schools.nyc.gov  

    2. For schools that use NPSIS, requests for additional MetroCards should be emailed to non-publicschoolmetrocards@schools.nyc.gov


  1. Transportation Liaisons: Can help with busing issues (no shows, re-routing/address changes). Names and emails for public schools, charters, and non-public schools can be found here: https://infohub.nyced.org/in-our-schools/operations/transportation-resources-for-schools


  1. Videotape of zoom conversation with Jennifer Pringle LIT housing, AFC

To watch please Contact pistnyc@Gmail.com


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