Stranded again

Monday, November 01, 2010 11:00:15 PM Categories: Excessive Time No show O.P.T.

Today the principal called at about 3:30 PM to inform us that our child was still at school (dismissal is at 2:40 PM). The bus had still not arrived to bring our child home. The principal was very apologetic and said that there was a "mix-up" with the extended day program and that *all* the kids on the bus were still in school.  Our child was ok and he was with school staff and his bus-mates. We were prepared to go to the school to pick up and were then told that our child was finally on the bus and on his way home, arriving at about 4:30 PM.

We called the bus company at 4:17 PM to inquire what the problem was, but were not given an answer. The escort nformed us that they were told to be at the school at 3:45 PM. Our child is due to start a new route on Wedneday, 11/3/10. The reason given by OPT previously for the change was a new "session times" for some kids. I assume this is teh "extended time mix-up" mentioned by the principal. The new route should clearly have started today.

Our child had an OT appointment at a sensory gym which he missed.

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