Some info on restoring locked out drivers and matrons

Saturday, March 30, 2013 5:58:00 PM
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  On Wednesday February 20, 2013, public schools were back and so were MOST school bus drivers and matrons who had been on strike.  However, it took until the end of the week for owners at Jofaz Transport/Boro Wide Buses/Canal Escorts in Brooklyn, Reliant in the Bronx, and Rainbow/Citywide/All American, to agree to stop locking out hundreds of workers.  As of Friday, 20-25 highly experienced Tufaro Bus employees are still waiting to be placed back in their assignments--which are now being filled by undertrained emergency replacements or by office workers who used to drive the bus years ago.   See

         **Parents whose children have not yet been reunited with the bus crews they had before the strike have every right to complain to the company and OPT.   We all should be alert to the potential for harassment that would indirectly affect our children.  Remember, each company keeps a long list of petty violations ranging from driver not wearing a tie, to first aid kit missing 1 bandaid, to a homework page on the floor of the bus.  These are used to squeeze money out of the union members’ paychecks rather than to actually improve service or safety. 

***IF YOU MEET A ‘MATRON’ WHO WAS ‘CERTIFIED’ DURING the strike, you can be sure that this person did not receive the full training modules approved by committee members from the Citywide Council on Special Education and District 75 Council some years ago.   Complain in writing and copy it to

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