School bus strike declared over Feb 15

Sunday, February 17, 2013 10:59:00 AM
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Please check back for a more comprehensive statement in English and Spanish after Monday 2/18

On Feb 15, after the five Democratic party mayoral candidates issued an appeal to the union*, the executive board of ATU 1181 voted to suspend the strike and 'continue the fight for EPP in other ways**'. 

PIST and other parent groups are discussing ways to challenge what they consider the authorities' disregard for the civil rights and safety of school bus children, made apparent by the attitude of the current mayor.  Bloomberg and the DOE brag that some $40 million was saved during the strike, but one-third of students with disabilities missed many days of school, while non-union replacement buses got into accidents.

The bus parent organizations have grown in awareness and anger at the disregard the authorities have shown for our children's needs, and we are intending to keep the pressure on for school busing that is safe and fair for all concerned.

To the politicians who pressured the union to wait until next January with no concrete promises, we ask:
What will busing look like from September until your inauguration?  Our children do not have a guarantee until a critical mass of experienced matrons and drivers have a guarantee.  We maintain that the future--of busing safety and of respect for attendant services as an IEP mandate--is at stake. DO NOT sell out the E.P.P.

To the members of 1181: We are inspired by your fighting spirit which is based so much on LOVE for children.




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