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Picket OPT 10/28 and more

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SCHOOL BUS ACTION ALERT from PIST NYC - October 19, 2021

Contents -

  1. Upcoming Thursday rallies, starting October 28

  2. PEP meeting and letters, October 20

  3. Resolution on Pupil Transportation Demands - CCSE & councils

  4. Media coverage of school bus driver & para shortage

  5. Busing Webinar by Advocates for Children


Consejos en español aquí:

No respaldamos la forma en que OPT maneja su queja ni prometemos que satisfará a las familias, especialmente porque NYC carece de suficientes conductores para trabajar en las rutas existentes y agregar otras.


Advice in English here: 

We do not endorse how your complaint is handled by OPT nor promise will satisfy families, especially since NYC lacks enough drivers to work the existing routes and add others.

  1. Thursday rallies on the crisis of school transportation

PIST, Comite Timon and friends invite you to Haunt OPT for Halloween - save the dates for informational picket lines on the need to recruit and retain long term school bus service providers for all students who need short, safe, stable routes - Follow Covid and flu safety protocols like masks please:


Thursday Oct. 28 QUEENS

11 a.m. to 12 p.m outside Office of Pupil Transportation 44-36 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City, NY 11101 Come hear our horror stories - long routes are scary!


Tentatively Thurs. Nov 4 MANHATTAN 11 a.m. to 12 p.m outside Dept of Education/Tweed, 52 Chambers St. Whoever is elected mayor needs to respond to the crisis in a real way


Tentatively Thurs. Nov 11 BROOKLYN 11 a.m. to 12 p.m outside DOE Contracts Office 65 Court St. 11201

Schools closed for Veterans Day, students, educators, and school bus workers are welcome 


RSVP  & Check in close to each date in case weather changes the plans. 




  1. PEP meeting and letters, October 20


Please submit comments on systemic school bus problems to Panel for Educational Policy members in writing BEFORE and/or orally DURING their Weds, Oct. 20 evening meeting. 


Contracts agenda items 15 and 16 are emergency contracts related to busing (Reliant extension, vehicle insurance)


They hear public comments on Contract agenda items before voting on each, and before the general comment section. So, if you attend you might get to speak about busing before 8 p.m. You only have a couple minutes to speak so prepare well. This will go into the public record. 


Click on 10/20 for how to participate - virtual or in person


Please note you can only register for the Wednesday meeting from 5:30 - 6:15 pm on Wednesday has registration in 3 languages.


Emails to copy and paste:,,,,,,,,,,,,,


***Some in our community are calling for a NO vote - No Confidence in OPT - as a way to call attention to the crisis of bad busing!  Sample letter follows. Write your own or Sign & send if you agree:

To send as an individual message

To send as an organization or Council 


  1. Resolution on Pupil Transportation Demands

This month the Citywide Council on Special Education -- which advocates for every NYC student with an IEP regardless of district, including non-public schools -- passed this resolution recognizing the roots of the worker shortages, and other school transportation fails such as the missing Metrocards and the lack of routes for half of the Summer 2021 session.

Contact or if you need the resolution in pdf form

Please read and share your thoughts on this with the other Community Education Councils (CEC) that may represent you (Districts 1-32, 75, Citywide Council on High School, Citywide Council on  English Language Learners), so they can also vote to approve or amend. 

You can also encourage your CEC to form a transportation committee such as CEC75 and CEC17 have done, to collaborate on these issues that affect most general and special education students. 


4. PIST in Media coverage of school bus driver & para shortage

Podcast of Bilingual Spanish/English conversation between mother Ms. Ebony Lea and Flora Huang and two PIST leaders, 60 minutes:

WINS radio segment with a bus parent, PiST and ATU, 45 seconds after the ads:

PIX-TV coverage of bus paraprofessional shortage, 2 minutes:

Note that while DOE is talking about a paraprofessional in the school building, the parent and PIST NYC were talking about lack of a paraprofessional on the #schoolbus

These are not necessarily the same person and sadly, having one doesn't automatically make a student eligible for the other. 

Mom reports that after all of this a para was provided today ( 5 weeks into the school year!!! ).

Business Insider national magazine article. This is focused on special education route riders & pandemic so they dropped what we said about the lack of Employee Protection Provisions (EPP) in bus company contracts, and the impact on ALL routes. 

60% to 66% of riders in NYC do NOT have an IEP.



5. Busing Webinar by Advocates for Children 

Thu, October 28, 2021

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT


Visit our social media to learn about other community events and get real time responses to your questions from experienced school bus parents and workers.

Website with more info on topics related to busing rights


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