Rally Tuesday April 24 for Pre K busing!!

Posted by Sara Sunday, April 22, 2018 3:34:00 PM
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Rally Tuesday for Pre K busing!! + Special calendar note for Pre K families below*


Parents & ATU 1181 will rally outside court from 12 noon till the hearing starts.

· What: Court hearing on the request to stop the EPPs

· Date: Tuesday, April 24, 2018, 2:00pm

· Place: New York Supreme Court, 71 Thomas Street, Borough of Manhattan, New York, NY 10013



Now that public preschool is so widespread, busing for pre-K students with disabilities should be especially stable!  This age group requires attention to issues like car seats, boosters, harnesses, bladder control, communication and more.


HOW DARE the bus companies that have/want Pre-K and Early Intervention routes DEMAND from the city to LOWER the standards for the workers by REMOVING Employee Protection Provisions? To see their names, go to https://www.facebook.com/pistnyc/photos/gm.795972443925795/1628173810594446/


What happens if 100s of trained, experienced drivers and attendants are deprived of seniority rights, job security, and equity in wages/benefits?  

-This move by the companies has already delayed the bidding for contracts for 2018-2023 school bus routes.

-Further delays increase the likelihood of chaos in September.  

-Bids going forward without EPP could in theory lead to a work stoppage/strike at some point.

-If the companies win their suit, children’s SAFETY would be SOLD TO THE LOWEST BIDDER.

-Poverty wages increase turnover and moonlighting, even among workers who LOVE KIDS and want to PROVIDE A SERVICE. We have seen this all over the country: underpaid teachers are walking out of school...or out of the state.  




*Special calendar note for Pre K families & Bus crews:

To avoid surprises, ask Monday: when is the next "non-attendance" day? It's Tuesday 4/24 at SOME, NOT ALL pre-K sites, meaning they have no classes. According to DOE calendar, the date depends which pre-K 'track' your child/school has. REPEAT: it is not citywide.

BTW if it is Tuesday, please try to attend court rally. The bus companies that are suing to downgrade wages should have to look their riders in the eyes.


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