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Wednesday, December 22, 2021 10:35:00 AM

Save dates/donation info, School bus media, Testimony, Electric transition

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  1. Save these dates!


The next citywide student transportation justice coalition zoom is projected for either:

Fri Jan 14 or (more likely because of Dr. King weekend:) Jan 21, 2022 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. The Office of Pupil Transportation was invited to the first half to hear parent concerns around such matters as how the children will arrive to and from ‘Academic Recovery’ services. 

When they leave (or if they never show up–like some of their buses) we will speak and strategize among ourselves as school bus families, advocates & self-advocates (including any school bus workers & their organizations who choose to participate). 

Please follow our social media listed at the bottom of this email, and/or check your inbox after the New Year for details. 


Saturday January 29, 2022 is the annual [online] IncludeNYC resource fair, 9am to 1pm. 

PIST NYC and Comité Timón will again share a virtual booth where families can exchange information in English and Spanish about issues with school busing or special education rights in general. Please read more and register here: https://events.chalkbeat.org/event/2022-includenyc-fair/


Friday February 4, 2022 is Transit Equity Day [Mrs. Rosa Parks’ birthday] with events around the country regarding accessibility, working conditions, safety, civil rights, and the environment. 

See 3 minute video https://www.labor4sustainability.org/transit-equity-2022/ 

PIST NYC and Comité Timón are part of a coalition to hold a midday press conference outside one of the DOE buildings that Friday, where new demands and actions for fairer NYC student transportation will be announced. 


*To donate to our organizing for 2022: Paypal milagroscancel8@gmail.com 929.228.0515*


  1. School buses in the media


Dec 6, 2021 On NY City Council Intro 150-2018 for a Task force regarding the transportation of students in temporary housing.



Nov 18, 2021 By a bus mom Dude, Where's My Bus? How to Amplify Your Child's Transportation Issues & Advocate Like a Champ - http://brooklynheightsblog.com/archives/93596


Nov 24, 2021 On the shortage of school bus paraprofessionals (note that the author above helped this particular family get their bus para, soon after this article came out) 





Youtube on Columbia U students' mathematical study of school bus delays in Manhattan, 2019-2021: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhZTBJrF_FQ 


  1. Recent PIST testimony


Nov 17, 2021 PEP meeting on investing $9.4 million into the OPT call center 

Excerpt: OPT brags ‘every route has a vendor’ but downplays the lack of drivers to do one route each day. Their emphasis on low bids has emboldened private vendors to cut wages, benefits, and quality, but never profits.  With 9.4 million, bring drivers back from early retirement, so we don’t have crowded, late and no-show buses to call about.



Nov 18, 2021 City Council oversight hearing on Special Education in the Covid Era


After this parent complained to OPT brass, the call back included claims that “every child will be in a standard bus soon (projecting up to 40 riders per general ed route; 14 riders per special ed route); we are tired of dealing with the mini-wagon accommodation, we’re phasing out those vehicles and replacing the ‘Limited Time Travel.’ accommodation with ‘fewer students on route’.” 


Putting aside the fact that OPT did not bother to state this publicly at the D75 event, if true, this scenario violates disability rights laws. It diminishes the likelihood of getting to school in under two hours and cutting risk of exposure to virus particles. Parents of children with medical reasons - and legal contracts with the state - to keep the ride short will be up in arms before you know it.  



  1. Electric School Bus transition


Video of Nov 19, 2021 NYCSBUS roundtable https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2504&v=MQ26-7N4BsA&feature=emb_logo


Interactive map of school bus bases with pollution/asthma data



Nov 15, 2021 In relation to the infrastructure bill



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