Paperwork for exceptions to gen ed school bus eligibility

Tuesday, August 11, 2020 4:59:00 PM

Revised Nov 2020

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Latest explanation of general education busing eligibility  
There are exceptions for temporary housing, foster care, medical, joint custody. Exception to busing eligibility involves sending form + any relevant supporting docs and then waiting for it to be processed. Pdf of form is available here in 9 languages:
Parents without reliable internet will need tech help to complete and email!! 
Regarding medical exception application, the site admits to slow processing: "After submission, the Office of Pupil Transportation will send the forms to the Office of School Health for review and recommendation. Please note that the review by the Office of School Health typically takes 2-4 weeks."
Regarding Foster Care, thanks to input from advocates the form makes it more clear that the line for 'parent signature' may be used by the foster agency instead.
Regarding temporary housing, there is supposed to be a liaison assigned to those families who are in the shelter system or have identified themselves to the DOE as doubling up. This person can assist with logistics of printing and sending forms.
Based on ten years of experience: We doubt OPT has assigned enough staff for reaching out proactively about changes like these. If folks don't start the process while school is still closed, the delay to their children's busing will be even longer.
On and we are posting photos of English & Spanish versions so that can be shared to people who have phone apps.

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