Nov. 4 back to school update

Saturday, November 24, 2012 2:53:00 PM
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Additional school/bus info for tomorrow

Since we sent out the below blast earlier, we have also gotten

1-- this link to new, longer list (now including several D75 sites) of closed and relocated schools thanks to Class Size Matters

2--this list of closed pre K programs thanks to New York City Parents Fed Up with Transportation Troubles:


3--this comment from a Facebook friend of PIST NYC (note that Atlantic has a few other yards but still):

"I know for certain that some Atlantic Express buses and Thomas buses were in zone A in Coney Island and went past their yards today, to take a friend to Sea Gate. It was devastating to say the least. Please be prepared to make alternate arrangements. Especially pre-schools that use Thomas. Good luck everyone & stay safe!"

4--this comment from a Facebook friend of New York City Parents Fed Up with Transportation Troubles:
From schoolbook: - There are 7,700 bus routes for school students, many of which will be re-routed to accommodate students from other schools or who need a ride to their own. But the new routes are still being figured out.

5--And here's a disclaimer pasted from DOE site, also thanks to Class Size Matters:

Transportation for Staff and Students
While every effort will be made to meet limited-time travel mandates, traffic jams and long rides are likely. Due to temporary arrangements resulting from Hurricane Sandy, please be aware of the following considerations for students with specialized transportation needs:


There may be limited availability of mandated support staff such as paraprofessionals, attendants, and nurses
Direct communications with buses will be limited
It is possible that mandated medical equipment will be unavailable on some routes
Schools should advise parents to expect extended call-hold times for OPT and customer service
In cases where streets are impassable, pick-up locations may be changed
High school students will receive free MetroCards so they can travel to their new school locations.

Principals should refer families with transportation issues to the OPT hotline: 718-392-8855


Info related to getting bus kids to school Nov 5

Wishing everyone well from Parents to Improve School Transportation. 
1 DOE says 96% of school buses will run, but that assumes the bus crews can get gas or other transport to the bus yard.  The announced priority for gas has been first responders and transit workers.
2 We suggest parents contact your child's bus attendant by text if possible (remember they have to get up super early), if not, try the bus company, to check on true availability of your child's bus.  And have some alternate plans ready.
3 OPT customer service is relocated to another site but the administrators are supposed to be at Vernon Blvd tomorrow.  The recording says routes will be 'on or close to schedule'. 
4 We have not found any announcement on busing for students who are staying in storm shelters.  Has anyone been contacted to find out if your child is at their usual address?
5 When you get a chance, please let us know how this week goes at 347 504 3310;, PIST NYC on Face book.  If you have no other source for relief and volunteer info, we'll share that too, on request.
Here are excerpts from City info as of Saturday night (thanks to Movement of Rank & File Educators), and a link to a site with the closed schools (thanks to Class Size Matters).

·         Public schools will be open on Monday. 
·         However, 65 schools definitely will not open on Monday.  This includes:
o   57 schools in 40 buildings that sustained damage from the storm
§  On Wednesday the students from these 57 schools will attend class in alternative sites.
o   8 schools where emergency shelters are located.
·         There are another 178 schools still without power.
o   We expect the vast majority of those will have power restored and be open on Monday.
·         Note that Tuesday is Election Day and schools are closed that day.
·         We are conducting extensive outreach to parents through robocalls, full-page ads in Monday's newspapers, as well as informing media outlets.
·         We currently expect that 96% of school buses will be running on Monday morning, though there may be delays in pickups due to continuing cleanup on the roads.
·         A reserve of substitute teachers have been called up to ensure that all classrooms are covered.
·         To get all the latest information about schools for the upcoming week you can:
o   Visit <>
o   Call 311
o   Text the words "nyc schools" to 877-877

·         With most mass transit resuming, we expect that the severe congestion of this past week will start to lessen.
·         The 3-person HOV restriction on crossings into Manhattan expired yesterday.
·         The Holland Tunnel is open to commercial vehicles and buses. Details here:
·         The Hugh Carey Brooklyn Battery Tunnel and the Midtown Tunnel are still closed.
·         Alternate side parking will not be in effect tomorrow (Sunday) and will be in effect on Monday.
·         Meters are in effect.
Mass Transit:

·         Subways, railroads, and buses are operating on a modified basis. 
o   80 percent of the New York subway system including subway service between Brooklyn and Manhattan has been restored.
o   The 4, 5, 6, 7, F, J, D and M trains are fully restored.
o   The Staten Island Railway has resumed limited service.
o   LIRR and Metro North are running with modifications, with large parts of the systems already restored.
o   Bus service is largely restored
o   Suspension of fares for MTA services is no longer in effect.  Customers should expect to pay full typical fare.
o   All details on MTA service status can be found at: <>
·         Staten Island Ferry service is running on its regular schedule.
·         The East River Ferry is running.
·         PATH service is still suspended as they continue to remove water from facilities and fix damage.
·         NJ Transit services have been restored on a limited basis.  Details are here: <> .

·         The National Guard is providing motorists and people needing fuel for generators with free gasoline at four armories in the city, as well as in Freeport, Long Island.
o   There is a 10-gallon limit per vehicle.
o   The locations in New York City are:
§  Queens Armory at 93-05 160th Street in Jamaica
§  Bronx Armory at 10 West 195th Street
§  Brooklyn Armory at 1579 Bedford Avenue
§  Staten Island-Elizabeth Armory, at 321 Manor Road
·         Last night, the Buckeye pipeline, the interstate gasoline transmission line serving New York City, pushed 100,000 barrels of fuel into our city - the first major influx since before Sandy struck.
·         It will likely take a few days before you see the effect of this additional supply at your neighborhood service station.
·         With the subway system back in operation, there should be considerably less congestion on our roadways going forward.
·         We still encourage people to not drive unnecessarily. 


2 Here is Schools official info redone as a site by Class Size matters:

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