Nov 20 DOE 'bus experience' interviews

Wednesday, November 20, 2013 9:07:00 AM

Info, map and background thoughts

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The DOE has told some parent advocates (but not PIST!) that..."the Office of Innovation is currently working on a project to consider ways to improve the busing experience and as part of this work we are conducting interviews with parents. We are in the process of recruiting parents for focus groups next week taking place in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

Details of the focus groups are as follows:


Wednesday 11/20
4:30 - 6:00

The interviews will take place at 10 Jay Street in Dumbo, Brooklyn and are approximately 30 minutes long."

Here is a map of the location

It might be nonsense but it could be worse if none of the most outraged parents show up. Please go and point out to these technocrats that the busing experience cannot be improved by dropping EPP from another 4000 bids--which Walcott & Bloomberg are trying to do on the following week!!!

Even if they 'innovate' some optimal routing software, the factor of on-the road experience has to come into it, and so do time parameters that respect our children's needs!

The busing experience cannot be improved by the DOE looking the other way while Atlantic Express owners pretend to be bankrupt and threaten mass layoffs by the end of 2013, which would impact 50,000 riders!  We suspect this is an attempt to push through a bad contract on some of the most professional and compassionate matrons and drivers out here, but still! 
(More info on this to follow but bear in mind the bank in question is Wells Fargo, which got about $25 Billion in bailout money from all of us a few years ago…)


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