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Non School Transportation

Monday, November 16, 2020 5:07:00 PM

Opportunities for Students with Disabilities

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Reminder: Some school bus riders also qualify for half fare metrocard. It's good to have for travel on a non-school day or if they miss the pickup and you have to take them.
Need: Doctor to fill out part of the form, Notary sometimes, passport photo
Form =
Appointment (can be parent w/o child) =
Also anyone regardless of age, as long as they have a disability, can qualify for Access-A-Ride.
There was info that the application process was closed but in fact it is case by case.
Request form at 877-337-2017.
Assessment center will give an appointment.
Medicaid covers certain rides by taxi/livery to appointments for medical services including therapies.
[Note: travel to IEP-mandated therapies to use a related service voucher can in fact be reimbursed by the DOE but there is a wait involved].

All of the above is meant to SUPPLEMENT, NOT REPLACE specialized school transportation for students with disabilities if the IEP says so. The🚍 is a related service under IDEA law and an educational service under NYS Ed law, already paid for by your taxes.

We thank Susana, school bus mother and advocate, for gathering this up to date information.