Missing School Bus #2

Monday, November 29, 2010 9:27:45 PM Categories: No show O.P.T.

This morning our child's bus did not show up. I called the bus company several times this morning and I was repeatly put on hold and twice was hung up on.  I was on the phone from 7:16 to 7:57  when I  finally was able to speak to a dispatcher, the dispatcher placed me on  hold and finally at 8:05 am the dispatcher confirmed that the bus would be at our house in a few mintues. As I was speaking to the bus company the bus approached our building and waited less than a minute before it pulled away.

Meanwhile, my husband was on the phone with OPT from 7:25 to 7:45, trying to confirm what the deal was with the busing situation.  OPT  proceeded to tell us that they too were unable to reach the bus company and we should take our child to school - which we did by taxi.  It is  completely unacceptable that we had to wait over an hour after our child's pick time to be told that the bus was delayed and  OPT was completely uninformed of the situation.

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