Missing School Bus #1

Monday, November 29, 2010 9:24:20 PM Categories: No show O.P.T.

This morning the School Bus never showed up.  We first waited on the street for two hours, with my young child carrying a backpack, standing on the sidewalk with a temperature in the mid 30’s.

As our Bus driver & Matron decline to provide a mobile number, the only way for me to be informed is through the Company's Dispatcher, who never called and never answered the phones either.

I kept calling the Dispatcher for over two hours.  Every time I redialled, the Bus Company operators got increasingly upset, yelling “You’ve been calling all morning!!” refusing to inform what was happenning, and refusing to provide the Supervisors phone number.  Instead, over and over again, against my wishes, they tried to GET off the hook by transferring my call to the Dispatcher, knowing that they WOULDN'T pick up.

After two hours of calling, I decided to call OPTThe first two times I called, I was put on hold and eventually disconnected.By 9:20 am, the third representative who answered -allegedly- called Maria, provided me with a complaint number.  She also tried to call the Bus company but they didn’t answer to her calls either.

When I mentioned to Maria that the Bus company had failed to call me, she answered:  “I’m not the bus company, I’m not supposed to know what they do or they don’t do. This is the OPT.  We don’t call parents.  I don't know if the Bus company is supposed to call you. That’s up to them”


After that, I decided it was not worth it wasting any more time, and took a $25 taxi ride.My child arrived at 10:30 am, two hours after the start of classes, and  I got to work -also- two hours late. 

I will submit the receipt to the Bus Company and take it from there.

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