Letter to Panel on Education Policy for Weds Oct 20 Contracts Agenda

Tuesday, October 19, 2021 10:06:00 AM

Call attention to the crisis of bad busing

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Greetings PEP members,


On behalf of families who need school busing, whether to meet legal mandates for special education or for staying at the same school despite changes in their housing; whether in pre-K, general education, public, non-public, or parochial school -- and even students who need a metrocard but didn't get one on time -- let the record show that our community has NO CONFIDENCE in the Office of Pupil Transportation. 


Items 15 and 16 on this (October 20, 2021 PEP Contracts) agenda represent millions of dollars going to Reliant Bus after the NYCSBUS non-profit already took almost a billion to buy them out, but somehow has no buses to show for it. 


For years, we've proposed ways to prevent the current shortage of drivers, and the multi-hour routes that cause children to miss breakfast, classes and therapies.


We recall that (former Chancellor) Cathy Black said out loud "special ed busing is expensive," and that parents should just use taxis and be reimbursed. This approach insults the disability rights movement -- and destroys stable union jobs for New York parents and grandparents. 


Please call attention to the crisis that bad busing represents for a large segment of the student body by voting NO  to pouring more money into a mismanaged system that ignores laws and ethics.


Signed, ___________ NYC school parent


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