Kid-Friendly Bill of Rights


  1. Start the school year with extra buses, even if some routes have a short list of students for a while.  Otherwise, routes will be crowded, which is a harder problem to fix.
  2. Have an extra matron if kids need help to behave.  Separate big teens from little kids unless they are siblings.
  3. Get bus children to school for a FULL DAY EVERY DAY, including Extended Day programs.
  4. Keep promises to have 60-minute rides when the child can’t last for longer. b-Keep the same crew and kids together all year unless someone ASKS for a change.  Don’t surprise families with big changes in pick-up time.  Their jobs might not be so flexible.
  5. Just have one school on a route, or two schools that get out at almost the same time, 15 or 20 minutes apart.
  6. Spend money and time to make sure ALL types of accidents are PREVENTED.  Have bus drills (like fire drills) so kids have practice leaving a bus together quickly and safely.  Check the safety equipment, but don’t bother the drivers about things they can’t control like rust on the outside of the bus.
  7. Make sure parents know their child’s busing rights in advance.  Most likely they will learn from the school, so train the school well on all paperwork that has to be done for OPT to provide the type of bus the child needs.
  8. Tell parents right away about situations that affect what time their child is getting home or to school. 
  9. Let leaders of parents, drivers and schools make decisions that OPT leaders must respect.
  10. Keep the union drivers who have experience instead of looking for new people and paying them less money, especially to drive Pre-K buses.
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