June 2018 Update

Wednesday, June 06, 2018 10:57:00 PM

Busing in Limbo; School Bus Bill of Rights; Summer busing reminders; Parade season

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Parents to Improve School Transportation June 2018 Update



Busing in Limbo; School Bus Bill of Rights; Summer busing reminders; Parade season


20% of Busing is in Limbo

17 school bus companies sued NYCDOE trying to force them to remove Employee Protection Provisions (EPP) out of upcoming contract bids for 20% of school bus routes. Led by L&M, these firms lost in Federal court--but the State court’s decision is still pending.

See http://atu1181.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/EPP-UPDATE-5.30.2018.pdf


Win or lose, the delay of waiting for judges to rule means the bidding process is on hold.  When bids finally happen, OPT will have a rush job to vet companies and assign them routes for our children in time for September.  This alone shows lack of consideration for NYC students.


If the 17 companies win in state court, it means they can hire and set wages at will, instead of respecting the citywide seniority list of experienced attendants & drivers, or the prevailing wage/benefits package. This would violate the other contract NYCDOE has, with the union school bus workers. Unlike in 2013, the DOE and City Hall are defending EPP and even some other companies came out in favor, according to reports.  


PIST supports EPP for this important workforce, and we let the court know so.

See https://www.workers.org/2018/05/02/school-bus-battles-roll-on/


Stay tuned and please inform families who might be affected.


School Bus Bill of Rights

Our campaign to place a School Bus Bill of RIghts on the ballot this November is set back by not yet encountering legal professionals with the will and means to set up the petition needed at no cost. We have basically missed the window until next year.  We will go back to the table and prepare more strongly for petitioning in June 2019. Please be ready to participate!


Summer (and Fall) busing reminders

  1. Summer routes are not always with the same company you had from Sept-June. Make sure the school, company, and OPT all have the same *correct* info about your address, hours of the summer program, and child’s medical code for busing/accommodations.  

  2. If the school bus is hot, contact pistnyc@gmail.com and the Public Advocate’s office: bsherman@pubadvocate.nyc.gov  There are existing laws and a suit around this issue.

  3. Get a head start on next year, especially if your child is transitioning from one school to another and/or has not had busing this year but will need it in September.  If child needs accommodations like mini-wagon, wheelchair ramp, limited time, A/C, ask school staff for forms and your pediatrician to fill them out before the old ones expire.

  4. If transitioning to a metrocard, children with an IEP get full fare metrocard not half fare.

Parade season


PIST’s sister organization COMITE TIMON wanted us to participate in the Puerto Rican Day parade this Sunday.  While we wait for detailed instructions, here are other events in solidarity with Puerto Rico’s fight against privatization--of schools and everything else:

Evening of June 15     https://www.facebook.com/events/2043072742576482/

Midday June 18     https://www.facebook.com/events/202926973651273/


We will march again in the DISABILITY PRIDE PARADE to celebrate and defend the Americans with Disability Act anniversary month of July.  There are changes in process to the route or possibly to the date so please do your best to keep both July 15 and July 8 open (Sundays).

Please check http://disabilitypridenyc.org/ as well as our future emails and https://www.facebook.com/pistnyc/


To donate to our expenses (website, flyers, signs) please use DONATE tab at pistnyc.org


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