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Tuesday, October 26, 2010 10:06:00 AM Categories: Late to School O.P.T.

Normal pick-up time is 7:10 AM, bus arrives at 7:40 AM. Driver informs me that there are "inspections" all over town, some buses are "one hour late". Bus arrives at school at 8:50 AM, half an hour late. I call OPT to inquire about the nature of the inspection in mid-morning. OPT customer service rep David informs me that he is unaware of any inspections taking place that day. We call the bus company in the afternoon to ask about the inspection, they inform us that OPT carries out the inspections, they were surprised when we informed them that OPT did not know any inspections had occurred. The driver informed us that the inspector was on the bus.

I wanted to understand the nature of the inspection and why it made our child half an hour late. OPT stated that sometimes mechanical inspections take place, but since the inspector was riding on the bus, it probably was not one of those. Exactly what was being inspected remains a mystery.