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How to add or enhance special education busing on the IEP

Friday, September 25, 2020 11:59:00 AM

Links updated Sept 2020

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To add or enhance special education busing on the IEP 

Specialized transportation = home to school busing with an attendant. 

At first it must be added by School Psychologist like any Related Service considered more restrictive. 

Accommodations = extras like Mini-wagon, air conditioning, limited time, wheelchair lift, etc.  

The rules say this takes 30 days maximum, but first you have to give the Office of School Health documents with details about how the child’s specific medical diagnoses impact the way the child functions during travel, and consent to have child's doctor speak with them. Meanwhile you will NOT have busing nor reimbursement. 

Save time by (a) making an appointment with pediatrician and/or specialist; 

(b) asking the school to find out whether or not they will need to hold a reconvene or reevaluation meeting with you to update the transportation page of the IEP;

(c) making sure the school knows who their Transportation liaison is and who at OPT is the liaison assigned to their borough / region. 

1- Get HIPAA form; write your info, child’s info, name of doctor you authorize to speak with the DOE Office of Student Health; sign. For other languages see but be careful, there are lots of different links on that page. 

2- Have child's doctor fill out a form, Request for Medical Transportation Accommodation. These are not online, hard to find, ask your school or advocates. Keep blank copies in case you need to renew annually; keep a copy of the filled one in case you change doctors; have the doctor’s office keep a copy of the filled one in the child's file so they are ready when the Office of School Health calls. 

Note: Do NOT use the form available on the OPT website, “Medical Evaluation Request Form and Instructions” That is for students who have either temporary or permanent medical conditions that may require a form of transportation to which the student is not otherwise eligible. It is not intended for students with IEP’s unless they don’t usually take the yellow bus.

Note: Do NOT use a Physician Assistant such as often work at the school clinic. Nurse Practitioner or any MD signature is accepted but PA signature is not. 


3- Submit the HIPAA and Request for Medical Transportation Accommodation to the school. Discuss good times to meet if needed.


Provided by Parents to Improve School Transportation 10/2019 links updated 09/2020