Feb. 5 PIST statement on Bloomberg's refusal to negotiate:

Friday, February 08, 2013 7:48:00 AM
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Feb. 5 PIST statement on Bloomberg's refusal to negotiate:
The Mayor, by provoking and prolonging this strike with false arguments, is bullying dedicated workers who help our children, and is bullying families--both of the strikers and of the bus riders. 
Bloomberg's refusal to negotiate is causing hardship to school children with and without disabilities. 

The city is not meeting its obligation to provide adequate transportation or equal access.

Bus-riding students are missing out on education

Families of bus riders are in crisis; now more than ever we appreciate the need for transportation services with a pool of experienced people. 

Bus workers' children are missing out on family income and benefits, as their parents sacrifice for the cause of Safety and Justice.
As we move through Black History Month and towards Women's History Month, what is Bloomberg doing to thousands of African American, Latina, Haitian, Italian American and Asian women who have a good, important job on the school bus that they want to keep?  

The fight to preserve the careers of the union matrons and drivers is a fight to preserve the quality of busing for the long run.

Parents to Improve School Transportation would like to take this fight a step further, for a School Bus Bill of Rights to guarantee safe, sensible routes for all, instead of the chaos that OPT puts us through every year

We condemn the suspension of busing regulations by Gov. Cuomo in November and the latest waiver of requirements for matron training. 
the parents and grandparents of bus riding students, WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY SUBSTITUTES for real yellow buses with real certified matrons. 
We already signed for this on the IEPs and paid for this with our taxes so where is it? 
stop wasting our money on metrocards and vouchers.  Restore the Employee Protection Provisions back to the bids, just like they have in Boston, and this can be over tomorrow.  


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