EPP bill passed Assembly, call Senate today

Posted by Sara Thursday, June 25, 2015 7:13:00 AM

Put school bus safety before company profits

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This is an update on Pending legislation in Albany re Employee Protection Provision to retain experienced and well trained drivers and attendants. 
A 8019 has passed the Assembly vote, but S 5984 (new number) still has opposition in the Senate.
Parents are urged to join others to Call Senate leader Senator Flanagan at 518-455-2071 to let him know there is support for S 5984 among parent activists!  
We at PIST think this rule--which means that people with seniority will follow the work when companies go out of business or change their names--is a step in direction of safe, stable, sensible bus routes.  EPP has always been a point on our School Bus Bill of Rights!  
Since the 2013 school bus contract bids in which thousands of jobs went to non-EPP companies, the wages and benefits of people who handle our children have gone down as low as $10 an hour.  As every family who has dealt hot buses in summer/cold buses in winter, and routes that zig zag to avoid tolls knows, the "savings on labor" are not being spent to upgrade busing but are going into the company owners' pockets.  This is disrespectful to the principle of ACCESSIBLE EDUCATION for students with disabilities and others.  
Recently, after an incident in which the non-EPP driver who had been breaking rules all year left the bus to scream at the parent  "I don't give a !@#$ about any of these children!" this parent had to fight with OPT to get the investigation opened.  His letter to them ends with the comments that "Our tax money should go toward keeping our children safe, not profits for the bus companies!"
Don't you agree?   Please Call Today!  518-455-2071 and you can call your local Senator also.

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