Parents to Improve School Transportation: VOTE YES! SCHOOL BUS BILL OF RIGHTS


Early March 2022 Update

Sunday, March 06, 2022 6:41:00 PM
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Early March 2022 Update from Parents to Improve School Transportation


March 7 Busing discussion with D75 Council

New flyers for March 19th rally/ Volantes nuevos para el rally del 19 marzo 

Calendar/events + Special note for NYCSBUS riding families

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  1. Monday March 7 at 6 p.m. 

The Busing Committee of the Community Council for District 75 has kindly invited PIST NYC to speak. See attached flyer. 

We look forward to an exchange of information on: school bus route issues that families are experiencing; the background to the current crisis-level worker shortage; and the fight for meaningful long term solutions. Updates on new technology. 

Remember to pre-register at

Use Meeting ID 886 4105 6107


2. March 19 rally & march over the Brooklyn Bridge for School bus rights

See attached flyers in English and Español 

These are for printing out to give out or to put on bulletin boards, etcetera. 

School bus families are everywhere! So don't be shy–take them to your pediatrician’s office, gym, salon, library, laundromat, place of worship, tenant/block association, job/union, college and of course to school staff and school bus staff who you encounter.  


Further below we list events which we think will have a good audience for this cause. 


Can you/your organization 

-endorse the rally? 

-send an email about it to contacts?

-translate the flyers into other languages? 

-make a donation? [We are paying for supplies, permits and sign language interpretation] 

-announce it on a podcast or submit to a local media calendar 

We invite cultural performances and artwork – especially from youth who are or have been school bus riders. 

To get involved in any way, please reach out to or 347-942-7413. 

See you on 3/19/22! 


3. Calendar/events

Wednesday March 2nd, 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

#MaskingForAFriend rally to continue Covid-19 mitigation in schools

at Tweed steps, 52 Chambers St. Manhattan



Mar 2-18 See for parent teacher conference schedule guidelines. The half days are included here so you can plan for bus pickup.  

Thursday March 3 = half day in most non-D75 public elementary schools (k-5, k-8)


Friday March 4 

State hearings on mayoral control of NYCDOE

Register / submit written testimony at

Sunday March 6 at 12 noon

Fund CUNY and SUNY 

Gather Brooklyn Borough Hall

March over the bridge to Foley Square, Manhattan



Also Sunday March 6: St. Pat’s for All parade in Sunnyside Queens 

12 noon Music and speeches will begin at Skillman Avenue and 43rd Street with the parade kicking off at 1 p.m. toward 58th Street and Woodside Avenue.

Tuesday March 8

Happy International Working Women’s Day!


Thursday March 10 

Electric school bus transition Day of action at 10 a.m. 1316 Oak Point Ave in the Bronx



Thursday March 10 = half day in D75 programs and in most public middle schools (5-8, 6-8)

Friday March 18 = half day in most public high schools and secondary schools (9-12, 6-12)


  • Special note for NYCSBUS riding families: ask the crew whether/how the upcoming seniority pick might affect your child’s route, and prepare child accordingly.