Dec 14: Special Education Rights from NY to Puerto Rico

Thursday, December 12, 2019 10:27:00 PM

+ Letter to Governor: S6208 for School bus workers

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1. Rally Reminder/details/background

2. School bus news item
1. Supporters of Comite Timon, including PIST, will be gathering this Saturday December 14 to chant and make music in defense of "Special education rights from NY to Puerto Rico" 
Time: 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. 
Place: the traffic island triangle called Lilholt Park, formed by Broadway, 14th Street, and Fourth Avenue, in Manhattan*. 
Flyer photos in English and Spanish are attached. Shareable event is at 
Ongoing austerity cuts to the Puerto Rican school system have shamelessly displaced students with disabilities, as shown here 
...but people are fighting back!
At this time, parent groups on the island are opposing a bill called Project C 1945 which would have further disastrous effects for everyone but the for-profit 'school' corporations. 
We in NYC are rallying in solidarity with the demand of education for all.  We are happy to report that many wonderful activists and organizations have agreed to attend since the Dec 14 date was announced. 
*For a photo of the location see see 
L trains don't run on the weekend, so if you are coming from further east or west, you need to take the crosstown bus or walk. 
Other lines can be checked here
2. As a follow up to the last email: The governor will either sign or veto the school bus EPP bill this month. 
You can read our latest letter to him here 
Let us know at if you/your group wishes to send your own letter along.
Thanks & pass it on! 
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