Complaints Ignored

Friday, November 12, 2010 9:50:51 PM Categories: Excessive Time Late to School O.P.T.

I have a student, who because of the amount of children on his bus, gets to school at 9 AM every day. The bus must pick up and drop off students at multiple schools. We are talking about special students who need every minute that they can receive at school, and they are missing an entire period of learning and teaching each and every day.

Many complaints have been lodged about this problem—it is now November 12 and NOTHING has been done to alleviate the number of students on the bus, nor the amount of drop-offs it must make each morning before reaching our school.


  • Limit the amount of drop-offs to 1 school per bus,
  • Put more mini vans on special education runs.
  • Please , let us think of our special needs students and the hardships they are already enduring.
  • Let us try to make life somewhat even for them, not more difficult.

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