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Wednesday, January 10, 2018 4:39:00 PM

Busing news

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The Dept of Education is taking bids in February for school bus route contracts. If we understand correctly, all companies but Reliant have contracts that expire this coming summer.  We are waiting for info as to whether the new bids respect the Employee Protection Provisions (EPP). If not, the drivers and attendants have the right to strike.  

We in PIST strive to influence the city to always require EPP. It means a decent package of wages, benefits, job security for experienced drivers and attendants.  We stand with the unions in insisting on high quality equipment, training, etc.  The turnover in the industry is hurting our children!! In fact, Mayor De Blasio promised to ‘revisit’ EPP when he was running for office, during the 2013 strike.  

Please stay tuned as we look into developing a petition from riders, families, educators and the community at large to make sure the new arrangement is safe and supportive for all.

District 75 committee research

Parents on the D75 Council held a series of meetings in all boroughs to gather complaints and suggestions about busing from riders, families and educators (OPT was not invited).  We attended when we could, and look forward to receiving a summary of the committee’s findings to share with you all.

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