Assaulted on a school bus

Monday, February 08, 2010 9:05:00 AM Categories: Assaults Bullying O.P.T.

My child came off the standard bus crying with a big red mark across their cheek. The matron informed me that when she had disembarked to escort teenagers from other schools onto the bus, and one of the older children got out of their seat and accosted my child.  My child was smacked and a pencil was shoved in his ear.  I immediately took my child to the doctor to make sure nothing had damaged their eardrum, and thereafter refused to put my child on that bus.  All this was documented: I spoke with the principal and OPT numerous times.  My child was traumatized and refused to get on any big bus after this incident.  After having to bring my child back and forth to school for one week (2 buses and 1 train), they were officially removed from the standard-sized bus route.

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