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Posted by Sara Thursday, September 19, 2019 12:21:00 PM

OPT email reminders

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4. OPT email - If you have been using our earlier advice for route complaints, this is to remind you of some changes:
Borough directors Frank Jackson & James Campbell retired; 
Uri Fraenkel <> is now the borough director for Manhattan and possibly Staten Island.
Also CEO Eric Goldstein was dismissed; Deputy Chancellor Kathleen Grimm passed away. 
When in doubt, use OPT Web Contacts <>; 
Feel free to copy us so we can track the trends.
Note that your child's school is assigned to a different OPT liaison for its geographical region, example South Brooklyn.
Make sure people at the school are aware and include that person in questions about new routes especially.
Tentative current list 
Bronx = Seth Brown
Brooklyn = Diane Beediahram

*Manhattan = Uri Fraenkel <> (James Campbell retired)

Queens = Sherwin James (Frank Jackson retired)

Staten Island =?also UFraenkel?

Pre K = Sheila Lucious Lowe

CSE/non public schools = also SLuciousLowe?

IEP Liaison Ariana Jaffe <>
Director Alexandra Robinson <>
[When we confirm all the contacts for this school year we will update and create a new PIST Advice article and Flyer.]

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