Accidents with non union 'replacement' buses Feb 12 and 14

Sunday, February 17, 2013 10:48:00 AM
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Please see press release we sent out on 2/13, far below with picture from accident on 2/12.
Please note first picture from accident that occurred yesterday 2/14 in Park Slope, Bklyn, 5th Ave. & 14th Street. 
ictim was taken by ambulance to hospital.  Safety Coach is a non union company.

Double runs are not only making children miss school time, but probably contributing to the rush and thus the danger.
On top of that, we have reports from parents about replacement crews who failed to secure nursery school children in car seats! 

What else is Bloomberg willing to risk just to get his way? 
We ask our friends and fellow parents, will you help us keep the pressure on the administration, where it belongs?

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Parents to Improve School Transportation - PIST




Crash Shows Bloomberg's anti-Union Vendetta Endangers Schoolchildren


Parents Group Calls for Independent Community Investigation of Bushwick Crash




Contact: Tony Murphy 347-602-1584   Sara Catalinotto 347-504-3310


Fourteen people in Bushwick were injured -- eleven of them children -- when a car was slammed into by a school bus that union sources say was operated by the non-union Fortuna Bus Company.


The accident took place at 8:00 AM on Tuesday -- the very same day that Mayor Michael Bloomberg opened up bids to companies that are no longer required to hire school bus drivers and matrons of Amalgamated Transportation Union Local 1181, now in its fourth week on strike. 



The school bus drivers and matrons now striking for their jobs have widespread support in the city, including from parents and families whose lives have been upended by the strike. They say Bloomberg's attack on the drivers' job security is creating a climate of tension and fear -- and blame the disruption in their lives on him.


"This is just one of many reasons why 'replacement' bus crews are rejected by parents," said Sara Catalinotto, a founder of Parents to Improve School Transportation (PIST). "Leaders of PIST, the CCSE and other parents councils want the mayor to negotiate and get the experienced drivers and attendants back to work. Guaranteeing their job security is how Bloomberg can guarantee the safety and IEP rights of bus-riding children now and in the future."


Catalinotto -- one of the speakers at the Sunday rally where 5,000 union members marched for job protection -- said that parents are calling for an independent investigation by Bushwick community members into what caused the accident.




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