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2020-21 Advice on School Bus Route Complaints

Thursday, January 21, 2021 4:24:00 PM
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Advice on SCHOOL BUS ROUTE complaints 

from Parents to Improve School Transportation (PIST NYC)

Para consejos en español, llama Comité Timón 347-942-7413


OPT maximum times* (including 10-15 min. grace period)

Age Level

School IN same BORO as home

School OUT OF the home BORO

Early Intervention

60 minutes

90 minutes

Pre-K (CPSE)

75 minutes

105 minutes

Kindergarten to 12th grade (CSE)

90 minutes *

115 minutes *

When the bus route takes longer: 

        Call OPT Customer Service at 718-392-8855 every time; 

        get a Complaint Number & name; write it down

        Ask the school & other families on the route to do the same. 

        Bus driver/attendant can also file a report. 


* Join our fight to make these shorter & split up the grades! *     

Also: Contact Gov. Cuomo to sign the EPP bill for recruitment and retention of well trained, experienced drivers & attendants.


Email complaints work best if they include:

  • Route number, company name

  • Child´s name, OSIS number

  • Child’s Busing Accommodations if any

  • Dates,  times,  issues,  Complaint numbers 

  • If your child has an IEP, stress the fact that busing is a related service and education is their civil right!

  • City code says: in hot weather the bus should be at least 20 degrees F below the outside temperature.


      Ideas for who to copy on your most urgent Emails:

  • Us!

  • If child has an IEP, also copy

  • If District 75, also copy

  • School Principal, Parent Coordinator, Busing Coordinator

  • NY Lawyers for Public Interest

  • Your City Council member & the Education Committee Chair (Currently

  • For live feedback from friendly parents and union school bus workers, remove personal info and summarize issue on 


OPT Directors  (all emails are:

Bronx                     → 

Seth Brown


Brooklyn                 →

Diane Beediahram


Manhattan              →

Uri Fraenkel 


Queens                  →

Glenn Risbrook


Staten Island          →

Byron Kiste


Pre-K, Early Intervention     →



Special Populations {Temporary Housing, Foster Care, Medical/Health Condition} & Exceptions      

Jodi Sammons Chen


Chief                      →

Kevin Moran


In case of further changes also use:

OPT Twitter is  @nycschoolbuses     


For advice on requesting IEP transportation accommodations, see 

                                            Labor Donated by parent volunteers 09/20