Parents to Improve School Transportation: VOTE YES! SCHOOL BUS BILL OF RIGHTS


19 Mar Info

Thursday, March 10, 2022 1:29:00 PM

In person, live stream, social media participation

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Schedule; At the Park; Map; subway info; Bus info; Driving; Chants 


NOTE: The direction of the march is from Brooklyn to Manhattan.


 Before 12 noon: Organizers will arrive at the North Lawn of Cadman Plaza Park, Brooklyn 

This is an oval shaped area past the large War Memorial with a smaller statue of William J. Gaynor.  

The closest GPS address is 200 Cadman Plaza West, Brooklyn NY 11201. Basic subway, bus and driving information is below but Don’t wait till the last minute to plan your travel.  Please go to, select March 19 and study it for changes that might affect your trip from home to Cadman Plaza park, or from City Hall back home. 


Go to the VOLUNTEER sign if you want to help, to choose a sign to carry, or to make your own. 

Groups, please send one person who can be responsible for your group. 

Check in here if you have or need a vehicle to get across the bridge. Sadly we have not been able to procure a bus or van, so rides need to be arranged on the spot and are at your own risk. 


By 12:45 p.m. If you were contacted to speak or sing in the rally, or are covering the rally for a media outlet, check in at the SPEAKERS / MEDIA sign. 


From 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. The Rally is at this location, and then we walk over the bridge.

The live stream will also start around this time, 

Most talks will be in English with live ASL interpretation.  Talks in Spanish will have live English interpretation. We intend to add Spanish subtitles to the live stream video afterwards. 


Follow instructions and guide to stay together safely on the pathway to and across the bridge.


When we get to City Hall Park, there WILL NOT be talks, just some final chanting and announcements at the steps of Tweed (Department of Education) 52 Chambers St. 


At the park: Bring rain gear and snacks. Water bottles will be given out while supplies last. There are gendered restrooms in the back of the War Memorial building on the opposite end of the lawn from our “stage”. Or, you can buy something small at the nearby “Park Plaza'' diner in order to use the restroom. There is grass and benches but in case it’s wet, bring something to place there before you sit down. There are people walking dogs; if you are allergic take your meds. 

Please clean up behind yourself.


Go to FIRST AID if you become injured or ill; if you want ear plugs, a dry mask or hand sanitizer, or help finding a bathroom. Tell children that if they get separated from you, to report to FIRST AID with the red + sign or to a Guide.

Guides will be wearing armbands: a patterned yellowish strip of fabric around an arm/ sleeve


Map of the park and nearby subway exits: 

Subway– check for “SERVICE STATUS” 

Subway exits are marked with   M   


  • Jay St Metro Tech A/C/F/R is accessible but some distance from the rally. 


  • High St A/C is running normally  in both directions 3/19  but has no elevator. Escalator and stairs at the Cadman Plaza West exit leaves you close, with one busy street to cross, pictured here: 

  • Clark St 2/3 is closed for elevator repairs


  • Borough Hall 2/3/4/5 is usually accessible when traveling toward Manhattan, BUT this weekend, those trains are not all running normally: 

-The #2 and 3 are not running into Brooklyn from Manhattan/Bronx. Take to 42nd St. Times Square and catch the R to Jay St. MetroTech

-The #3 from Brooklyn is replaced by the #4.  Go to Borough Hall because Clark St is closed 

-The #5 from the Bronx is running on the 2 line so it should take you directly to Borough Hall. 

The map shows you two different exits for this station. 


  • Court St. R station is open but has no elevator.


Buses–  Map of the area with bus stops indicated is at,-73.9940383,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m8!2m7!3m6!1sbus+stop!2s200+Cadman+Plaza+W,+Brooklyn,+NY+11201!3s0x89c25a37b533d69b:0x4833c88630839337!4m2!1d-73.9918496!2d40.6985871?hl=en&authuser=0 

Buses that go along Cadman Plaza West are the B52, B41, B38, B26, B25, B103. 

The B25 stops closest to the rally site on both sides of CPW. 

See for Brooklyn bus service guide and check for “SERVICE STATUS” 



Driving – There is meter parking on Cadman Plaza West for a limit of 2 hours per parking space. The local parking garages are expensive and have very limited space due to recent construction. Allow extra time to park. This link may or may not be helpful




School Bus Bill of Rights! 


1, 2, 3 

Pay the workers what they need

4, 5, 6

Transportation we must fix

7, 8, 9

Get the kids to school on time!


No more long routes

No más rutas largas


Safety for the Children,

Justice for the Workers


Education is a Right

Fight, Fight, Fight!

Transportation is a Right

Fight, Fight, Fight!


Buses for Children, 

Not for Profit

Guaguas para Niños

sin fines de lucro 


E.P.P. Give the drivers what they need

E.P.P. Give attendants what they need

E.P.P. Give mechanics what they need