03182013 Lockouts, who to write to at DOE

Saturday, March 30, 2013 6:14:00 PM
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Update: About 24 (the majority) of experienced drivers and matrons at Tufaro Bus are still locked out, while the number at Rainbow/All American/Citywide is down from 87 to 30. Parent letters to the DOE and the press have been successful in aiding the ATU's negotiation campaign to restore these folks, while they also a wait a ruling from the NLRB.
Parents--please do not accept under-trained, under-qualified bus crews while the real crews are ready and willing to attend to your children properly.
The Deputy Chancellor over OPT is Kathleen Grimm kgrimm@schools.nyc.gov,
OPT Executive Director Alexandra Robinson
OPT CEO Eric Goldstein
Remember to cc pistnyc@gmail.com so they know you have an organization behind you!!  And don't forget your local councilperson needs to know this issue matters! Things will be 100 times worse in September if parents don't REBEL now against the trend towards throwing away senior drivers and matrons to save the companies a few dollars.

Related note:  Atlantic Express bus company has been advertising jobs at reduced wage levels compared to the current going rate (eg. Matrons $10/hour)

Please see calendar below for places where you can meet other parents and education activists.

3/18/2013 P.I.S.T. (Parents to Improve School Transportation) CALENDAR Contact: pistnyc@gmail.com           Phone: 347-504-3310           Facebook page: PIST NYC           Twitter: @pistnyc









Endorse the School Bus Bill of Rights for protection of our children’s educational access





District 75 schools Parent-Teacher conferences

Schedules vary—check your school for details





The Citywide District 75 Council & Citywide Council on Special Education Public Forum

First responders’ policies and practice when responding to a call involving a person/persons with a disability.  Guest Speakers: NYPD FDNY EMS

6:30PM‐9:00PM (6:00PM‐Doors Open & Registration)

Location: Tweed Courthouse 52 Chambers Street

2nd Floor Conference Room New York, NY

Interpretation Service (Spanish) will be provided for the audience.







CCSE Monthly Public Meeting--Common Core for Children with IEP’s

Reps from the DOE’s Division of Students with Disabilities will be in attendance

6:00 p.m.     PS 20M 166 Essex Street New York, NY 10002

Translation services will be provided.










PIST will be marching with our supporters in the Chelsea Coalition on Housing, to save the local post offices, start 10:00-11:30 a.m. at 9th Ave. & 15th St. Manhattan.    Info:  clupjs.com



PIST organizers’ meeting and mailing 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.

147 West 24 St. 2nd floor, Manhattan between 6th & 7th Aves.


To make a much-needed donation, please go to the Donate Tab at www.pistnyc.org                                                     

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